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M.TECH. / M.S. (Research) / M.Des. Programmes

The Institute runs a number of M.Tech. and M.S. (Research) programmes offered by various Departments and Centres. M.Tech. and M.S.(R) programmes mainly differ in the fraction of course and project/thesis credits. M.Tech. progarmmes have 2/3rd credits for the coursework while MS(R) programmes have 2/3rd credits for the thesis component.

Some of these programmes are interdisciplinary programmes (IDP) where multiple academic units are involved in running of each of these programmes. Also in these IDPs, students with different backgrounds are eligible to be admitted to the programme. IDPs are administered through a Programme Executive Committee or PEC. Master of Design (or M.Des. Programme) in Industrial Design is also offered as an Interdisciplinary Programme. IIT Delhi also offers a number of industry sponsored programmes. In these programmes either industry supports full-time students recruited by the Institute or sponsors their employees for the programme. In either case, regular Industry feedback is obtained to adopt and improve the curriculum to the needs of the industry. Industry sponsors also play a significant role in defining the projects. The listing of all the programmes is given in Annexure-II.

Flexibility of movement: Very recently, IIT Delhi has adopted major changes in its rules and regulations. These changes enable easy mobility of students from M.Tech. to PhD, M.Tech to MS(R), MS(R) to M.Tech. and MS(R) to PhD. With these changes, it is now possible for a student to join M.Tech./MS (R) at IIT Delhi and then they can apply for change to a research programme if they feel confident. In this process save considerable amount of time to complete Ph.D.

Eligibility for programmes: B.Tech. or M.Sc. degree holders of a particular discipline are eligible for admission to one or more programmes. The list of programmes which a graduate of a specific discipline is eligible to apply, is given in Annexure III.

Programme duration: The minimum duration of M.Tech., M.S.(Research) and M.Des. programmes is 4 semesters (24 months) for full time and 6 semesters (36 months) for part-time programmes..

Admission schedule: Normally, M.Tech/MS(R)/M.Des. programmes are advertised in the month of March each year in the Employment news as well as in leading newspapers and admissions are carried out in the month of May. MS(R) programmes are also advertised in the month of October followed by admissions in December. Further, just like Ph.D, admission to MS(R) programmes is possible any time in the year through DRC/CRC/PEC. They can be allowed to join any time though the course registration in such cases will be possible only at the beginning of the next semester. Candidates seeking admission under this clause must fulfill the required academic qualification/experience at the time of interview. They must also join within 4 weeks after the issue of admission offer unless specifically permitted to do so. Admission is subject to vacancy being available in the relevant specializations.

Part-Time programmes: IIT Delhi offers most of its M.Tech./MS(R) programmes in the part-time mode for working professionals. They are expected to complete their credit requirements in six semesters (maximum of ten semesters) by registering for a lower load than full-time students in  each semester. Departments/Centres offer most of the core courses between 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM to enable these working professions to attend classes as well as continue with their full-time employment. Please note it may not always be feasible to slot all courses of the programme in the morning and those candidates applying for part-time programmes should be flexible to take courses at other times if required.

II(a) Minimum qualifications and procedure for admission to Full-time M.Tech./MS(R)/M.Des. Programmes:

MS(R)/ M.Des programmes at IIT Delhi for General/OBC (Non-creamy Layer) category students. In this context please note:

• These are Institute minimum requirements and any Department/Centre operating through their DRC/CRC/PEC can specify higher short-listing criteria than what is specified here.

• This Table includes many degrees for eligibility but each DRC/CRC/PEC is free to specify the qualifying degree disciplines as well as GATE disciplines acceptable for admission to their programmes.

• Admission to M.Tech/MS(R)/M.Des programmes are carried out by first short-listing the eligible candidates (meeting the minimum performance in their qualifying degree

– Column 3 of Table 2) and scoring above a GATE cut off specified for that programme and then interviewing them at IIT Delhi. GATE cut offs for various Programmes last year (admission year 2011) is tabulated in  Annexure IV. In all such cases, GATE score is given a minimum weight of 70% in judging the overall performance of the candidates appearing for interview.

• DRC/CRC/ P EC  i s   empowered   to   offer   direct   admission for  M.Tech . /MS (R) programmes without interview to exceptionally meritorious students. The minimum performance required by such candidates is listed in row 2 of Table 2. This is the Institute minimum and again DRC/CRC/PEC is free to set higher eligibility criteria for direct admissions without interview. DRC/CRC/PEC may decide not to offer any direct admissions without interviews.

• Candidates in the final year of their programmes and who expect to complete all their qualifying degree requirements before third week of July 2012 are eligible to apply for admission. For short-listing purposes, their performance till the preceding semester (preceding year if their programmes are year based) would be considered but their admission would be subject to their meeting the minimum eligibility criteria after their final qualifying examination results are announced.

For more information visit the IIT Delhi website

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