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Ph.D. Programmes

The award of the Ph.D. degree is in recognition of high achievements, independent research and application of scientific knowledge to the solution of technical and scientific problems. Creative and productive inquiry is the basic concept underlying the research work. The details of research programmes in various Departments/Centres are given in Annexure-I.

Course work and other academic requirements:

In order to overcome any deficiency in the breadth of fundamental training or proper foundation for advanced work; special make up or pre-doctoral courses are given by each Department/ Centre. These courses are given either by faculty member or by guests speakers and specialists in the profession. Normally candidates having a B.Tech./M.Sc./M.A. or equivalent degree are required to complete a minimum of 12 * credits with a minimum required GPA of 7.5. M.Tech or equivalent degree holders are required to complete a minimum of 6* credits with a minimum required GPA of 7.5.

*A Department/Centre may specify a higher credit requirement for all their PhD programmes and/or require an individual scholar to complete a larger number of credits based on his/her background and preparation level.

Admission to the PhD Programmes:

Admission to the Ph.D. programmes is normally made on the basis of a interview conducted by the Department/Centre concerned through its Department research committee (DRC) / Centre research committee (CRC). DRC/CRC may decide to conduct a written test as well to screen the candidates.  Appl icat ions are  invi ted  f rom candidates by advertising  the programmes in Employment News/leading newspapers in March for the first semester and in October, for the second semester every year.

Admission schedule:

Normally, Ph.D. programmes are advertised in the month of March and October each year in the Employment news as well as in leading newspapers and admissions are carried out in the months of May and December. Further, admission to Ph.D programme is possible any time in the year through DRC/CRC. They can be allowed to join any time though the course registration in such cases will be possible only at the beginning of the next semester. Candidates seeking admission under this clause must fulfill the required academic qualification/ experience at the time of interview. They must also join within 4 weeks after the issue of admission offer unless specifically permitted to do so. Admission is subject to vacancy being available in the relevant specializations. Duration of the programmes: Minimum period of registration required for students with M.Tech. or equivalent qualifications is 2 years whereas those with B.Tech. or equivalent qualifications is 3 years. All candidates are allowed a maximum of 7 years for submission of their thesis.

I(a) Minimum Qualifications for admission to Full-time PhD Programmes:

The following table defines the minimum qualifications required for admission to fulltime PhD programmes at IIT Delhi for  General/OBC (Non-creamy Layer)  category students. Please note:

These are Institute minimum requirements and any Department/Centre operating through their DRC/CRC can specify higher short-listing criteria than what is specified here.

• This table includes most of the degrees but each DRC/CRC is free to specify the qualifications and disciplines acceptable for admission to their programmes.

• Candidates in the final year of their programmes and who expect to complete all their qualifying degree requirements before third week of July 2012 are eligible to apply for admissions. For short-listing purposes, their performance till the preceding semester (preceding year if their programmes are year based) would be considered but their admission would be subject to their meeting the minimum eligibility criteria after their final qualifying examination results are announced.

I(b) Minimum Qualifications for admission to Part-time and Sponsored (full-time) PhD Programmes:

The following eligibility conditions apply for the Part-time and sponsored full-time programmes.

1. Only employees of Public Sector Undertakings or Government Departments or Research and Development Organizations or Private Industries (approved by Faculty Boards) are eligible for admission to these programmes.

2. All candidates should have a minimum experience of two years as on 1st August, 2012 for admission in July 2012.

3. Minimum qualification for these candidates is the same as for full-time candidates except that the requirement of qualifying in a national examination (column 3 in Table 1) is waived off.

4. For part-time candidates from outside NCR (or at a radial distance of more than 50 KMs from IIT Delhi), there is a minimum residency requirement of 6 months. DRC/CRC may specify a higher residency requirement based on the courses recommended as well as the background.

5. Sponsored (full-time) candidates seeking admission to a Ph.D programme on the basis of study leave, must submit a “Sponsorship certificate” on a proper letterhead from the appropriate authority in the organization clearly stating the following:

- for the period of his/her studies in the programme, the candidate would be treated as on duty with usual salary and allowances, and

- that he/she will be fully relieved and granted study leave for a minimum period of 3 years  (2years for M.Tech. and equivalent degree holders).

6. Part-time candidates are required to submit a “No Objection Certificate” on a proper letterhead from the appropriate authority in the organization clearly stating the following:

- the candidate is permitted to pursue studies on a part-time basis

- that his/her official duties permit him/her to devote sufficient time for research.

- facilities for research in the candidate’s field of research are available at the candidate’s place of work; and

- he/she will be fully relieved from duty and permitted to reside at the Institute for the period required residency (This is not a requirement for candidates who are working in NCR or in organizations located within a distance of 50 KMs from the Institute).

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